“Some would say that home staging is just another added expense on top of the numerous expenses that one would incur during the home selling process. I was one of those people, until I worked with Open House Interiors. Through my experience in working with them, I learned that home staging is an investment, one that pays of handsomely when executed by the right team. Their expertise and design greatly appeals to any buyers’ emotional side and allows them to quickly feel a deep connection with the house. I highly recommend Open House Interiors to anyone making the wise decision to invest in home staging. You will not be disappointed with the results!”

Steven Wang

“A magic wand could not have more efficiently or effectively transformed my home. The Open House Interiors staff is talented, observant to detail and style, engaging buyers from curb to backyard wall. My investment in their services was worthwhile as my house sold in three days.”

Steffi Berkowitz

“I was and still am utterly impressed and thankful to you for all that you did to help this home sell. Your attention to detail and personal service and involvement from start to finish sets you apart from other home staging firms. You sell EMOTIONAL APPEAL, not just furniture for rent to fill up the rooms. Emotion is what sells homes; it grabs and keeps a buyer’s attention and gives them a lifestyle vision to dream about.”

Gina Dybwad

“The Open House Interiors’ Team was amazing! They did an incredible job of decorating our home; our house looked like a new model. We’re confident that by using Open House Interiors, we got full asking price for our home. We highly recommend using them to help sell your home.”

Bob & Yvonne DuSair

“The remarkable flair and feeling you and your design team created produced two offers in the first week and we were negotiating before you were done vacuuming. From the plants to the window treatments and the artistic staging of the furniture and accessories, you preformed magic and delivered on your promise of getting prospective buyers emotionally attached to our house. Even the kitchen and master bathroom, which were our problem areas, looked inviting and added to the overall feeling of a house that was worth every penny or more (as it turned out) than what we were asking. Thanks again.”

Matthew & Cynthia Sparks

As the time draws closer to my leaving my beloved Dana Point, I have to thank you for the magnificent job you accomplished in redoing my home for it’s sale. I thought my place was just “too cool for school” and you showed me the school was even high school. You transformed my home into the most beautiful Key West style Beach House while still retaining the feel I love. I have no idea if you are psychic or not, but you told me the home would not last past the open house, and you were correct. Not only did it sell the day before the open house, but it sold for it’s full asking price. In all honestly, I was up against it as I was planning to move to the Chicago area and needed a quick sale for the most money possible, and without your expert guidance, the house would have taken months to sell, and for a lot less money. As this bittersweet day approaches, I am taking many of your ideas with me and will endeavor to recreate in my new place what you created here. With deepest friendship & respect.”

Tom Keating